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Frank Andonoplas of Frank Event Design hosted the Association of Bridal Consultants Meeting on March 10th, 2009 at the historic Drake Hotel Chicago.  This sold out event was a smashing success and brought together some of Frank’s favorite wedding vendors, wedding ideas and wedding sources.  Read more about this event and “Frank’s Favorite Things” at

Flowers With Feeling, Inc.: Brides Choice Awards Honoree 2009

Winter Wedding Centerpiece / Wedding Reception at the Palmer House Hilton Chicago. (Photography by Bartelt Studios Photography)

Winter Wedding Centerpiece / Wedding Reception at the Palmer House Hilton Chicago. (Photography by Bartelt Studios Photography)

Barbara and Greg were first introduced to Flowers With Feeling, Inc. Chicago by Frank Andonoplas of Frank Event Design in November 2008 in preparation for their January 2009 wedding (Ceremony:  Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church / Reception:  Palmer House Hilton Chicago).   Frank has designed social and corporate events since 1992 earning numerous honors and professional designations, and has become known as one of the premier experts in his field (click here for Frank’s Bio).   Barbara and Greg had impeccable taste and wanted to achieve an elegant yet understated winter feel, reflective of their personalities.

Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet. (photography by Bartelt Studios Photography)

Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet. (Photography by Bartelt Studios Photography)

Wedding Centerpieces / Wedding Reception Flowers:  Low, tabletop wedding centerpieces were tailored to reflect Barbara and Greg’s style preferences using seasonal flowers including Green Goddess Amaryllis (white), Vivian Spray Roses (cream), white stock flower, fragrant white wax flower, Hawaiian Dendrobium Orchids (white) accented with touches of white pine tips and cedar. Each wedding centerpiece design was placed directly atop dinner tables and completed with three flickering cylindrical votive candles.  For added effect, Frost Lighting Chicago was contracted to pin-spot each wedding centerpiece at this simple yet elegant Palmer House Hilton winter wedding reception.

Bridal Party Flowers:  Barbara’s bridal bouquet maintained a simple, loosely designed aesthetic incorporating 40 white Calla Lilies accented simply with fragrant white pine tips.  Pine tips were inserted neatly between each Calla Lily to maintain separation and to achieve the desired airy feel Barbara desired.  A simple Vendella Rose (10) bouquet was created for Barbara’s Matron of Honor.  White pine tip touches completed this clutch style bouquet design.  Female attendants and family members were each presented with single White Cymbidium Orchid bloom corsage accented with pine for continuity and fragrance.  Gentleman wore simple but striking miniature white Calla Lily boutonnieres.

White Calla Lily boutonniere accented with white pine tips. (Photography by Bartelt Studios Photography)

White Calla Lily boutonniere accented with white pine tips. (Photography by Bartelt Studios Photography)

About the Flower Palette:

Amaryllis:  Amaryllis originate from South & Central America and the Caribbean and are also known as Hippeastrum which means “night star”. Amaryllis’ main season extends from September to April. Due to the large bloom size, a rigid stick is normally inserted into the hollow stem during processing to ensure stem stability during design and handling.

Stock:  Stock originates in the Mediterranean and Canary Islands and is also commonly known as Gillyflower.  Stock’s peak season is between March and August but can normally be sourced year round.  Stock means lasting beauty, bonds of affection and promptness.

Vendella Roses:  Vendella Roses are a pale cream variety available in lengths from 40 cm – 70 cm.  Suitable substitutes for Vendella Roses are” Timeless”, ” Ivory” and “Renate” Roses and are also available in a wide variety of solid and bi-color varieties year round.  Roses are typically hand wired during processing for additional bloom support and longevity.  Trivia:  In the 19th Century, scented roses were often used to make jelly.

Waxflower:  Waxflower is best characterized by its woody stem and small waxy yet delicate looking fragrant blooms.  Waxflower is generally available year round and is one of the most popular flower choices in the floral industry.  Waxflower is typically used as a “filler” flower and is used to enhance, soften and to add texture and fragrance to floral designs.

Hawaiian Dendrobium Orchids:  Hawaiian Dendrobium Orchids are a premium Orchid variety that has desirable characteristics including stem length often in excess of 36″ and open blooms that extend to the stem tip.  Thailand Dendrobium Orchid varieties normally bloom from the stem base upward, transitioning to closed buds near the stem tip.

Frank Andonoplas of Frank Event Design assists groom with boutonniere pinning. (Photography by Bartelt Studios Photography)

Frank Andonoplas of Frank Event Design assists groom with boutonniere pinning. (Photography by Bartelt Studios Photography)

Wedding Service Providers:

Wedding Flowers:  Flowers With Feeling, Inc. Chicago
Wedding Coordinator:  Frank Event Design Chicago
Lighting:  Frost Lighting Chicago
Wedding Photography:  Bartelt Studios Photography Chicago
Wedding Reception:  Palmer House Hilton Chicago 
Wedding Ceremony:  Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

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Wedding centerpiece by Flowers With Feeling, Inc. Chicago

Whether your vision is classic or contemporary, creative and affordable lighting options can add vitality and ambiance to your event and give even a modest centerpiece depth and vibrancy.   LED lighting (light emitting diode) is more widely available than ever before and in many forms and colors.  In many cases brides and event designers are opting to replace traditional candles with equally affordable eco-friendly LED or combining LED with traditional or soy candles.   

Our featured design (right) by Flowers With Feeling, Inc. Chicago, illustrates the combined use of both LEDs and traditional floating disk candles.  One of the clear advantages of using this technique is the dynamic feel and movement of flickering candlelight in combination with the warmth and color of the LED.  In this example, blue LED lights are masked beneath a soft cloud of white chiffon.  This somewhat traditional wedding centerpiece is brought to life by incorporating elements which by themselves might appear one dimensional but together result in a dynamic multi faceted presentation. 

These long lasting, affordable and compact reusable lights open avenues of creativity that were once limited to applications that allowed for large short lived battery packs and a limited range of colors.  Today the applications are nearly limitless and can inject an added dimension into your event that guests will surely enjoy. (

Organic Calla Lily centerpiece in recycled glass vaseWith the emergence of all things green, some are left to wonder how to incorporate eco-consciousness into the fabric of their lives.  For many, the decision to make eco-friendly choices is directly affected by the effort necessary to make a contribution.  In a result oriented society, some find it difficult to make decisions which, by themselves, seem insignificant.  Weddings and events offer the ideal opportunity make a contribution with minimal effort.  In the special event / wedding design industry, this budding concept has been widely embraced. 

With nearly 2.3 million weddings projected nationwide in 2007, many small contributions can clearly make a significant impact.  One popular choice being made by Chicago brides is the use of recycled glass vases.  Recycled glass vases, often used for centerpieces and wedding reception décor, are widely available in hundreds of forms, shapes and colors to accommodate a wide range of style and budget needs.  Recycled glass bowls, bottles or platters paired with seasonal organic, hand picked or locally grown floral can add the perfect finishing touch to any holiday table.  Growers of organic and transitional organic flowers, once overshadowed by the more abundant organic produce growers, now make available an ever expanding selection of “green” botanicals to complete your eco-friendly design without compromising style.  From Roses to Calla Lilies, rustic to formal, eco-friendly floral selections are more readily available than ever.

Recycled glass vases can be recycled an infinite number of times without loss of quality, require considerably less energy to process and conserve natural resources.  Recycling a single glass vase saves enough energy to operate a television for 90 minutes.  To put this in perspective, if each 2007 wedding chooses to recycle just one vase, enough energy would be saved to operate a single television continuously for nearly 400 years. 

Whether planning an elaborate wedding or simply sending a floral arrangement to someone special, making eco-friendly choices is easier than you might think. 

For more information on recycled glass vases and organic flowers for your next event call Flowers with Feeling at 312-829-1141 or visit them online at

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Preview Cafe Brauer Chicago (click video below), a character rich wedding and special event venue in Chicago’s near north Lincoln Park Neighborhood.  Floral designs by Flowers With Feeling, Inc. Chicago ( . 

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Question from “Urban Bride” (super modern wedding « urban bride.)

Pomander Ball AisleQ. What are the balls of flowers called in this photo?

A. The ball of flowers is referred to as a “pomander ball” from the French word pomme dambre.  Pomander balls originated in the middle ages and were hung from a neck chains or carried in a vase.  These fragrant objects were used to ward off infection or to mask foul smells and often contained perfumes such as musk or civit.  Today, pomander balls have evolved into a sleak contemporary componant in many weddings and special events most commonly carried by a ribbon by flower girls and bridal party attendants.  The pomander balls pictured in the photo appear to have been constructed using Daisies which are both cost effective relatively durable.  The design process is a bit tedious and labor intensive but well worth the end result.  “Urban Bride” mentions the possibility of floating pomander balls in a pool.  Be careful, if designed in standard Oasis floral foam, they will sink.  Try using a circular piece of foliage covered styrofoam with the pomander ball seated atop.  Depending on the size of the styrofoam “float”, candles can be added for warmth and ambiance to any poolside evening event. 

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